The AR Conundrum…..and VR

I have been researching headsets and hoping for an augmented/mixed reality solution.  I came across a somewhat obscure article about the new line of Windows “Mixed Reality” headsets.  They are making it easy to find compatible laptops and headsets for working in their programming framework.

I was really disappointed to learn that these “Mixed Reality” headsets are not actually mixed/augmented reality. They are virtual reality! My whole idea is to create an art installation and use sculptural and other real objects for interaction and expansion through an augmented/mixed reality headset.

Very misleading advertising on their part and I read for quite awhile before discovering the misnomer.

So now, I have been researching actual AR options which are very expensive and somewhat limiting…

There are three units: the Meta 2 which is tethered to a computer and doesn’t have great sound but does have a large field of view; the first AR device, Microsoft’s Hololens which tops in at 3K and is untethered; and the new Magic Leap One  which tethers to a pocket mounted CPU and has great sound but a small field of view.

I was hoping to be coding already but am now considering going with the VR option. What I read is that the AR devices aren’t really there yet. I may need to incorporate VR into an additional but unfortunately separate experience for Bird Strike.



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