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The AR Conundrum…..and VR

I have been researching headsets and hoping for an augmented/mixed reality solution.  I came across a somewhat obscure article about the new line of Windows “Mixed Reality” headsets.  They are making it easy to find compatible laptops and headsets for working in their programming framework.

I was really disappointed to learn that these “Mixed Reality” headsets are not actually mixed/augmented reality. They are virtual reality! My whole idea is to create an art installation and use sculptural and other real objects for interaction and expansion through an augmented/mixed reality headset.

Very misleading advertising on their part and I read for quite awhile before discovering the misnomer.

So now, I have been researching actual AR options which are very expensive and somewhat limiting…

There are three units: the Meta 2 which is tethered to a computer and doesn’t have great sound but does have a large field of view; the first AR device, Microsoft’s Hololens which tops in at 3K and is untethered; and the new Magic Leap One  which tethers to a pocket mounted CPU and has great sound but a small field of view.

I was hoping to be coding already but am now considering going with the VR option. What I read is that the AR devices aren’t really there yet. I may need to incorporate VR into an additional but unfortunately separate experience for Bird Strike.



Mixed Reality

We are featuring a mixed/augmented reality element in the Bird Strike installation. Robbie will be the primary coder and content creator for this aspect of the project.

We are looking at using this extensive database of collision information to create data visualizations and animations.

BirdSafe | Home

BirdSafe | Home

BirdSafe | Global Bird Collision Mapper


Robbie is also narrowing down which headset might work best and starting to ramp up for an intensive dive into MR coding. If you have recommendations on a favorite MR device please comment below and if you have one to demo in Nashville/Atlanta/Chicago please let her know!

Academy – code, tutorials, and lessons – Mixed Reality

Academy – code, tutorials, and lessons – Mixed Reality

The Mixed Reality Academy provides code samples and tutorials on mixed reality development.